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Not sponsored by anyone in any way for listing these tools, this is just the toolkit I’ve personally pulled together over time from trying out different tools and approaches. YMMV.
Something to keep in mind when building - if you have a validated idea and are confident people will pay you money to use it, don’t waste time designing a stack based on free tiers. Your time is more valuable than the 💸, and your first customers will cover the costs. Worst case you shut it down after a couple months because your validation was wrong, it forced you to learn quickly to not bleed cash.
🦜Prototyping and validating
Draw out your idea on paper, Excalidraw, One Note, or similar.
How do you think you can jump in and design an app if you can’t even draw what you want?
Build prototypes with the simplest tools you know - KeyNote/Powerpoint can make some incredible without you needing to learn an entirely new tool.
Webapps with No Code
There’s a lot of web app builders that provide too much control, so it becomes like visual coding and doesn’t really speed up the process.
Pick up and use
These are my favorites to start with because they things like User Authentication dead simple with hardly a thought, and have good balance between customizability and done-for-you components.
Glideapps - uses Google Sheets as a backend
Softr - uses Airtable as a backend
Complicated, but more features
Not as quick or easy to get up and running, but these give you a lot of control.
This one goes out to the chronic over-thinkers and over-researchers that get overwhelmed by options and struggle to start.
Avoiding building right away
Avoiding superfluous features once you’ve started building
Write out milestone with explicit user stories, e.g. User can login, User can create a ToDo, User can delete a ToDo. Nothing in there mentioning account deletion, notifications, or other “nice-to-haves”.
? Suggestions from the Community?
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