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Markets & Places for Ideas
How do you build SaaS from scratch? It's easy. Go to Gumroad, find something that sells well and turn it into SaaS
Rip, Pivot, and Jam
Studying what works for other indie hackers is one of the best ways to find realistic, profitable business ideas.  Many indie hackers share exactly how they did it which makes it much easier to replicate their success.  The idea is not to clone successful products (that probably won't work anyway) but to "rip, pivot, and jam".  Rip: Study a successful business and copy their business model.  Pivot: Apply the business model to another industry or vertical.  Jam: Hustle to get customers.  Or as Bruce Lee puts it: "Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own."
Chrome Extensions
Chrome extensions are criminally underrated. Simple to build, sticky for users, and can provide a ton of value by sitting on top of 5+ hours a day of internet browsing. Pretty cool to see some of these products that started as chrome extensions become $1B+ businesses. More will come. -Someone on Twitter
The billion dollar Google Chrome extension club:
These companies started as Chrome Extensions and created billions of value
‘The latest startup theme du jour is “helping creators make money” but I am and always will be bullish on the theme “make a developer’s life easier”.’
Shopify apps/Wordpress plugins - is there one that is solving a heavily sought after problem, but only doing well because it’s the least-bad option? Is there room for a niche service business or SaaS off of it?
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A living swipe file for indie hackers, indie lurkers, & founders with the examples needed to start simple and start shipping🚢.