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Like it says on on the tin, aim is to pull together the best resources I’ve found to help give indie lurkers the push they need to start shipping products and not get stuck building and researching to ♾️.
Who am I?
Chronic information hoarder interested in the indie hacking scene. These are a variety of the notes I’ve taken over the past couple years and wanted to share in an easier format when friends come asking.
If a few people on the great wide web find it useful as well, that would be pretty neat! 🥳
I occasionally do other stuff as well, feel free to check me out at
If you have any thoughts about the site or content I might be missing, feel free to reach out through this form:
Indie Lurker Compass
A living swipe file for indie hackers, indie lurkers, & founders with the examples needed to start simple and start shipping🚢.